BilingBank Turkish-Danish Køge Corpus

Jens Normann Jørgensen
University of Copenhagen


Participants: 291
Type of Study: interview
Location: Denmark
Media type: n/a
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5X59K

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Citation information

Jørgensen, J. N. (2003). "Multi-variety code-switching in conversation 903 of the Køge project." Nordlyd 31(5).

Holmen, A. and J. N. Jørgensen (1997). Aspects of the linguistic development of minority children in a majority school. Københavnerstudier I Tosprogethed, Danmarks Lærerhøjskole, Institut for humanistiske fag: 129-146.

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Project Description

This data were collected from adolescent Turkish-Danish bilinguals in the town of Køge near Copenhagen. The data include interviews in Danish and Turkish and group discussions in both Danish and Turkish. There are audio files, but they are not available to TalkBank.